June 30th, 2018.
  • Unity3D
  • HLSL
  • AI
  • Leap Motion

Dialog is a two-step personal project. It started with the will to create an emotional dialog between human and machine. I wanted to use the symbol of a handshake. It is a very important gesture because it is a tacit agreement that each side is somehow open to communication. People tend to imagine AI as a human-like copy but having a computer instead of a biological brain. I wanted to contrast to it by creating a multi-shapes entity and used Unity ml-agents to move it. I was curious about the internal process to train AI which led me to achieve the Udacity program AI Programming with python Nanodegree. Graphics are using compute shaders to update procedurally generated cylinders each frame. The second part of this project is the visualization of motion using the same cylinders solution I developed. I used the skinner method of Keijiro Takahashi allowing me to grab skinned mesh vertex data without having to bake the mesh and bring it back to CPU. I could then use retrieved data as inputs for my compute shader.

Dialog Dialog Dialog Dialog Dialog