Was it cool ?

I won't lie telling you, I was not very enthusiastic to visit this exhibition as the one from last year was such a disappointment. It was indeed a small collection of student's work(I have nothing against it, they usually are very creative but if I remember well it was around 80% of bad VR FPS with unintuitive mechanics making you sick and uncomfortable) and bigger company with not so innovative Demo. Roller coaster, car & paragliding simulation, car show etc... That was ..well..pretty much everything you could experience at the 2017 Seoul VR exhibition. So I was not expecting that much even after hearing that this year exhibition would be much bigger. And surprise... It was not great again, yeah!

Of course, some contents were pretty fun to try because they were synchronized with machines giving you physical feedback on what was going on in VR. I enjoyed it because experiencing VR with haptic feedback is not something I have access on a daily basis, and, that's cool. There was also booths for a virtual shopping experience and another one for VR medical training which would have deserved, I think, more attention. Those two applications of VR are huge because they are making a good use of the VR or AR technology. The immersive marketplace will have the power to revolutionize online shopping and VR-AR are ideal technologies to create powerful tools for education in general.

There was also this projector reflected by a mirror allowing the content to move around. I already saw similar projects on the internet (with a monkey going from canvas to canvas on the wall) but it was interesting to see how it works and also how the team used the technology to project content on all the height of a building's wall with only one projector.

There was also a pretty good amount of booths providing immersive dating experiences and content for adults. I am not very surprised because it will obviously create (it actually already started) a lucrative market so it makes sense to see those applications arising here and there. Merging high-quality content, immersive environment and always better AI will push the concept of virtual relationship further than ever. It is definitely an interesting subject to think about. If the dependence on others (to obtain love and friendship we need as a human being) is not necessary anymore, it could seriously impact our society and how we live together.

The overall exhibition was better than last year but not so interesting because It was more about experiencing immersive and entertaining contents than discovering new use or innovation for VR. The lack of AR booth was a little bit sad too. Finally, I sadly noticed that targets of exhibited experiences were very limited and excluding children and elderly who are, I think, potentially important users for the future of Virtual Reality and its applications.