Back to Seoul after 3 resourceful weeks in France, I was pretty excited to be back to work knowing that they installed an Optirack system in my office. After early tests of the technology, I was very impressed with the accuracy of the tracking. You can easily record skeletons and/or rigid Bodies data, correct it when necessary and export it to various software. It will obviously be a great tool for the CG part of the company whenever they need a character animation.

Obviously, For my team, the most interesting part is the ability to stream in real-time data from Motiv (the Optitrack software) to Unity or Unreal. The delay between tracked movements and their application into Unity or Unreal is ridiculously low. Without being able to speak about projects we aim to develop internally with this technology, I can still affirm that it is definitely a technology we needed for its accuracy and the way it handles tracking. Despite the fact that it's not a mobile solution, it offers many advantages over other real-time tracking solutions. Unlike the Vive Light House tracking system we were using until now and without speaking about integrated skeleton tracking feature, it's much easier to track complex objects due to the spherical markers that you can attach everywhere.

Once Giantstep will release projects which implement the technology I will be able to share it with my portfolio.