The Space team from MARKENFILM stopped by Seoul on their way back from the Tokyo Motor Show. They visited GIANTSTEP and made a presentation of some of their works. It gave us the opportunity to discuss about their approach making interactive projects and the workflow they were using to bring up such creative outcomes.

Their constant mix between research & development and projects with clients is the key they are using to innovate and empower their installations in a unique way. Some of their projects are developed to be displayed during different events and it was inspiring to see how they are iterating on projects by injecting in it the experience they gain from previous works.

We also tried the VR car experience they were displaying at Tokyo. It was a pretty compelling experience were users were immersed in a car and could experienced a autonomous journey without the need to drive. A scanned avatar was here to encourage the user to discover the different features of the car by pointing out elements we could interact with. Because the avatar was scanned, its quality was impressive but the downside of using such a technique was that the animation was bake and so the avatar was not starring at the user. The hands detected by the leap motion as an input are using a transparent shader which only display a contour line and so, don't hide panels your are interacting with. I found it pretty comfortable when I have to use interfaces located in different parts of the inside car. They also used a 360 video as a background which I think was pretty smart to place the user in a believable and immersive experience close to reality.