[an interaction designer]
currently looking for a 6 month
intership in Seoul

Showreel miscellaneous works

Rooms easy calendar for students

Digital fabrication experiment with abstract

Overflown poetic & interactive experience

Melodia laval virtual fantasy contest

Nexo fitness exoskeleton with force feedback

What about me ?

I am currently in my last year at l’École de design Nantes Atlantique preparing for two master’s degrees in Interaction Design and Virtual Reality. I’m living in both the city of Laval and Nantes, FRANCE.

I use to develop projects from scratch to the final prototype. I’m deeply involve in building intuitive and innovative experiences based on the user's needs. My skills are turning around concept/service design, UX/UI and interactive installation.

I’m constantly feeding my creativity by reading news about technologies, art and digital projects. I’m very concerned and fascinated by the growing place of technologies which are influencing the human society. I am also a musician with a classical piano background. I now turn my mind into composing music mixing my knowledges with sound experiments.

my résumé

You can also find me on different places through the web : @v_lorant VincentLorant Vincent Lorant

Feel free to get in touch with me to share or discuss about projects :
lorant.vincent@gmail.com lorant.vincent